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Setting the Stage : The Ilnar Plains and the Surrounding Area

Before we begin I wanted to let you guys see the map of the relevant area for the majority of our first arc. The first episode will start with our hero in Ilnar (ill-nar) - a larger town in the kingdom. The capital of the kingdom is Rallisade (rall-uh-sayd) and sits far north of Ilnar.

But for now, we'll ignore Rallisade and move onto Ilnar and it's surrounding area. South east of Ilnar is the Ylkyra Woods, home to the Elven capital. While elves can be found in nearly wooded area, a large portion of them have settled in these woods.

The dwarves inhabit the mountains, the Frrochne (frock-nuh - roll the r) Mountains and the Ockor (ock-err) Mountains. However, everyone avoids the central portion of the Ockor Mountains as few ever survive that journey.

Stay tuned for the rest, we'll be exploring to this world together, uncovering lore as we go! The prologue will hint at why the central area of the Ockor Mountains is so very much avoided.

With love friends, and we'll meet again at the next adventure.


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